Festive Cosy Night In Essentials

Hi All,

So with 1 week until Christmas and the weather here in Ireland being absolutely baltic the last week or so, cosy nights in are the perfect way to spend any evening.

IMG_20171218_113649_8191: PJ’s – First things first, you need super comfy PJ’s, I buy one or 2 pairs of these check flannel style PJ’s from Penneys/Primark over November and December so I have a clean pair at all times, they’re just my favourite so I wear them to death, and these little slippers in the picture are super cheap and I just buy a pair every now and then.

2: A Christmas Movie – So this is 100% your own choice in what movie you just love at Christmas time, 2 of my all time favourites are The Holiday… who doesn’t like The Holiday? it is a super cosy, comforting movie. Another one of my favourites is The Grinch, I just absolutely love this it reminds me of being younger, I still find it hilairous and its just comforting and happy. But I love so may more, Love Actually, Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street, The Santa Cluase and sooo many more! I just love all Christmas movies to be honest, so just throw on your IMG_20171212_133120_935favourite!

3: Drinks and Snacks – So if I want to be warm, Ill make a normal tea with a drop of milk, or a lemon and ginger tea, or I might have a hot chocolate, which I have a recipe for coming soon. Or I might have a glass or wine or Prosecco depending on how I’ feeling and who’s with me. Its totally up to you. As for snacks, it will always depend on your mood, but I would assume everyone buys certain things around Christmas time so whatever you have in and fancy is perfect. IMG_20171212_133342_387

4: Candles – I don’t really ever not have cancdles burning so itwould come as no suprise that a cosy night in means candles. Yankee’s Red Apple Wreath just is nostalgic for me for Christmas so I always have one of these for Christmas time, it smells amazing, the other 2 that I’ve been obsessed with this year and last year are Bath and Body Works Marshmallow Fireside and Frosted Cranberry, they smell amazing and create a nice festive mood. IMG_20171218_121142_040

5: Present Wrapping – Ok so maybe this isn’t for everyone but I always wrap my presents when I’m having a cosy festive night, I always have a festive movie on, or maybe some Christmas music, click here for my post on my best Christmas songs. But I usually throw on a movie or music and sit on the flour in my PJ’s and wrap a few presents, this might be particularly useful for people who don’t like wrapping, I actually enjoy it, I find it relaxing.IMG_20171212_132655_076

So they’re my 5 things for a cosy night in, what is your must have for a night in at this time of year?

I’m going to have a post a day until Christmas Day, so stay tuned for all the festivities!


Back soon,

Sinead xxx


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