Collection V Makeup Revolution

Hi All,

So I’ve been inactive for a while, doing a lot of stuff in my personal life but expect plenty of reviews, food posts, current faves, current routines in the next few months.

Today I am here to talk about 2 very hyped concealers, Collection Lasting Perfection concealer has had a cult following for years and for good reason the coverage is amazing, but the colour selection had a lot to be desired, their previously pales shade 1 Fair was still that little bit too dark for me, I am albino so I’m very pale, but I did then mix that shade with their lilac colour corrector and this worked really well for me and kept the coverage high. They have recently released 2 more shades, the one I got for my skin tone was the ultra Fair shade, this is a hell of a lot better, I can just about wear this without foundation without it being too noticeable, which is a miracle for my skin.IMG_20180311_160433_084

I will be kind of comparing it with the newer Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define concealer, I bought this as soon as it came out and have been trying it so much my tube has run out so you know i’ll have a good idea on this one too.

Collection Lasting Perfection:

So this concealer is one of my favourites, it has been for years, I have redness in the centre of my face and I am prone to break outs and dark circles, this is made more noticeable by my very pale skin…and this concealer covers it all! This lasts all day as well once I set it which I find doesn’t always happens on my skin with a lot of concealers. A tube of this lasts me quite a while as well considering how much I use it, a little goes a long way. The finish on this is quite matte but I definitely set it.

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define:

So this one comes in 18 shades so you know that wins out on that side of things, the colour range could still be expanded but they have done an amazing job or such an affordable brand! The current palest shade C1 is a little too dark on me, it appears in swatches to be paler then the collection concealer but it doesn’t go on and set paler. It is important to note Makeup Revolution are bringing out more shades in this soon. The coverage on this is no doubt very good but I’d call it a high medium coverage as apposed to full coverage of collection. I do really like this concealer but it doesn’t last as long on the skin and I definitely run out of product quicker then collection even considering the quantity difference I do use more of this to get the same coverage, so something to consider when purchasing. This also has a matte finish and I set this one as well, I do think its a little more matte then collection which I quite like for concealer.

Collection Lasting Perfection

Price – €5.79. Quantity – 6.5ml.

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define

Price – €4.98. Quantity 3.4ml.

See below: First pic, top to bottom is Makeup Revolution C1, Collection 0 Extra Fair, 1 Fair… Second pic is about 10 mins later, you can see the all oxidise slightly, and you can see the coverage of the lasting perfection is better here also.


Final Results:

I actually really like both of these for different reasons, If I need the coverage I’d reach for Collection and if I’m not wearing foundation I’d do the same, but can see myself reaching for Makeup Revolution as well, sometimes I don’t like that full coverage, especially with a more glowy look which I think I lean towards a bit more then I used to and the shade range is a winner for me, as someone with albinism who finds shade matching extremely hard and still hasn’t found anything that is 100% there, I understand how frustrating it is to want to buy something but not have a colour to match, so I’m loving the inclusive mind set they are in. But I do think Collection just edges it for me,, more product and I use less and its still affordable… but If i was of deeper skin I’d be raging with brands like this who don’t have near enough shades.


As always questions are very welcome. I hope this has helped a few of you, I know there has been plenty of debate on these two already so thought I’d throw my thoughts in the mix.

Back soon with exctiing things….

Sinead xxx

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