Best Sun Cream to wear with Makeup

Hi All,

So I’m back today with a little sun cream review… lets just say right now, I absolutely love this but I will tell you why… but first a little info on my skin, I have oily/combination skin and am prone to breakouts, I also have Albinism so I have no natural protection in my skin so I need a brilliant sun cream that I can wear on a daily basis with my makeup or without. IMG_20180709_195616_112

La Roche-Posay skincare is brilliant, no matter what skin complaint or skin type you have they have a product for you and I have always had success with their products. Last year I discovered their Anthelios SPF 50 anti shine sun cream and I still use that on a daily basis under my make up, you can find my review for that here.

So this sun cream is geared toward more oily skin but to be honest I think it would work on other skin types really well too. You just spray this on your face wait 20 seconds and its dried with a demi-mattte finish.

The reason I love this so much? It goes on AMAZING over make up, I actually tested this out as a setting spray kind of thing and it kept my makeup looking gorgeous… I applied this a few times throughout the day and their was no horrible build up on the face and it kept my skin protected.

My usual routine is to use the normal sun cream I linked above under my makeup and then top up through the day with this spray version.

Its around 15 Euro here in Ireland but you can find it on sale quite often, but to be honest if I needed it and had to pay 15 Euro, it is worth it for me, I really like to protect my skin at all times and this is something I don’t want to go without.

Any questions, leave them below and I’ll get back to you 🙂

Back soon,

Shinny xx

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