Hi All,

Welcome to shinnymc.com I’d like to share my thoughts, experiences and interests with like minded people and hopefully learn more about myself and others along the way.

You can expect to see a lot about Beauty and Skincare as I am pale and have sensitive skin I have a real interest in finding the perfect make up and skin solutions for myself and will share with others.

Travel is something I love to do and wish I did more, but I will be sharing travel experiences, suggestions and tips from my own personal wanderings.

I’m not extremely into fitness but I do love food and love to cook so expect healthy and not so healthy recipes and suggestions along the way.

Also expect thoughts  and techniques focusing on positive mental health because that is something I have trained in and feel is so important for us all in our world today of pressure, stress and so many influences.

I am a random person so there could really be a post about anything, I love home decor and comfort as well as fashion, there will definitely be variety here.

So basically a bit of everything from me, but I hope you enjoy my posts get to know me and I will always be open to suggestions for new posts, reviews and honest thoughts.

Sinead xx








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